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Pro 2 Day Gel-X Program - West Covina - Angelina

Pro 2 Day Gel-X Program - West Covina - Angelina

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Our Pro Gel-X Program entails a 2 day course to get certified.

Date: Sunday on June 9

Time: 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Location: West Covina

Instructor: Angelina

In this two day course, students will receive an Apres kit that is the best in the industry for starting a Gel-X nail technician career. Their instructor will explain basic sanitization, nail safety, & nail application. After the safety procedures are understood by students,  the instructor goes more into depth about nail shaping, design, & benefits. By the end of this course students will be able to master their skills & complete a gel-x set on a model. 


Students who master this course are able to attract clientele that prefer less abrasive nails that still are stylish & aesthetically pleasing. Because gel-x nails are thinner, they feel less heavy on the nail bed, are able to be shaped easily, & are more durable for clients. Additionally, clientele who prefer natural looking nails may be attracted to gel-x as overgrowth with this thin nail type blends in with the real nail. Taking this course allows enrolled students to have their career supplies ready & a big clientele range! Not to mention, upon completion a certificate is rendered to allow students to display their skill. Also, students who are either enrolled or have already graduated get a forever 15% store discount at Infinite Glow Makeup!

The Gel-X course meets for two class days usually held on a Saturday and Sunday for 4 hours each class with a total of 8 hours of instruction. It is mandatory that students come with clean bare nails and bring a model for Sunday.

The course offers & includes:

  • Hands on training and live demonstrations during each class session 
  • Gel-X Manual Booklet
  • Apres Gel-X kit, mini decor kit, nail drill, tools, gel polish set, & more! - valued at $250+ (included in the total cost)
  • Academy uniform shirt
  • Business 101: marketing and promotion 
  • On-going mentoring from the instructors themselves
  • Student discount of 15% off from our beauty stores
  • Certificate of completion on graduation day

    You will learn the following topics during the course:

    • Sanitation and Proper Station Preparation
    • Application of gel nail tips
    • Drilling and shaping
    • Polishing techniques
    • Various nail designs
    • Students must come with clean hands (no polish, acrylic, opr nail of any sort) on the first class day
    • Live Models practice are required for the second class day (we do not provide models)
      1. "Full Payment": With the Full Payment option, you'll cover the entire cost of the 2-day Pro Gel-X Course upfront at the time of booking through our ecommerce platform. This single, comprehensive payment includes all components of the course: the professional training, certification, and lifetime student discounts. Choose this option for a straightforward, all-inclusive payment method.

      2. "Payment Plan": Our Payment Plan offers a flexible alternative to manage your course fee. By choosing this plan, you secure your spot in the course by making an initial deposit in our ecommerce platform. The remainder of the course fee is paid in person, allowing you to distribute the cost over a more extended period. This plan ensures you can secure a place in our highly sought-after course without being constrained by immediate full payment. However, please note that access to your certificate and lifetime student discounts will only be granted after the complete course fee has been settled.

      Both payment methods ensure full access to our comprehensive course curriculum, resources, and perks. Choose the one that best suits your financial comfort and convenience. If you need further assistance or have any questions regarding these payment options, don't hesitate to contact us.

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